Design & development in Helsinki, Finland.

About what we do and how we like to work.

Digital business consulting

We work with clients to find and create new business models for the digital world and to find bottlenecks inside the company that can be removed or automated.

Professional tools

We are specialized in building new professional tools on the web. We define a tool as something that leaves a mark and has a clear measurable need.


All of our projects start with a prototype. They are the perfect way to ensure that your idea works. With prototypes you can fail early and inexpensively, and learn to understand the technical problems you’re trying to solve. They enable you to test and refine your design, and allow you to describe your idea more effectively.

Ruby on Rails

We have been building tools on the web with Ruby on Rails since 2007, making us one of the most experienced Rails companies in Finland. It’s definitely our technology of choice, but we’ve also worked with Django, Backbone, Angular and many more.

Responsive design

User interfaces no longer sit on a desk. We craft our applications to work on devices of any size and shape. Our designers are long-time experts in both the visual and technical aspects of building adaptive user interfaces.

Advisory on buying software

We help businesses to find a best solution provider and also help them to define and run projects. We are in the midst of writing a book (in Finnish) about purchasing software projects.


We organize Frozen Rails (the only Ruby conference in Finland), as well as the Helsinki Ruby Brigade meetups. We also hosted the very first Rails Girls workshop, which has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Naturally, we also maintain some open-source projects, like Humanizer and Carpentry.

Health business

We’ve worked with companies from various industries, but the health industry is especially close to our hearts. We run a health-related product of our own: WODconnect, a service for tracking, coaching and managing the sport of fitness.

We are a group of multi-talented digital craftspeople.

Antti Akonniemi


Vesa Vänskä

Partner, Developer

Antti Salonen

Partner, Designer

Matias Korhonen


Virgil Mocanu

Rails Developer

Jasmina Amzil

Sales & Marketing

Joni Hasanen


Henri Nikka

Ville Ikonen

Simo Virtanen

UX Designer

Leo Kiiski


Akseli Lehtonen

Marketing Planner

Our official partners. Their work makes ours better.

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