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Kisko Coffee Break - Issue #57

Kisko Coffee Break is a periodical list of things we think you should take a look at. Carefully curated content about software development, design, business, and wellbeing. Content both in English and Finnish.

An interview with the Creative Director of Oatly

What is brand boldness? Read, how Oatly has transformed from a dull food processing company into fearless challenger brand.



HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points

So often, we decide to solve the problems by throwing everything away. The old stuff is terrible, invented when we knew no better! We can do a far better job now, with all of our knowledge.

Or can we?


Influence of a 30-Day Slow-Paced Breathing Intervention Compared to Social Media Use on Subjective Sleep Quality and Cardiac Vagal Activity

Not really surprising, but interesting nevertheless! Seems that browsing social media is not good for your sleep when compared to breathing exercise.


Softapaljastuksia-kirja nyt saatavana


Olemme keränneet 44 tärkeintä oppiamme Softapaljastuksia kirjaksi, joka on saatavilla e-kirjana sekä fyysisenä kirjana. Kirja vastaa muun muassa kysymyksiin: Miten jalostat idean konkreettiseksi palveluksi, miten valitset parhaan kumppanin ja miten toimia projektin valmistumisen jälkeen.



Kisko Team
Kisko Team

11.3.2019 15:01