(Love) Letter to the Ruby community

Dear rubyists,

Antti from Kisko Labs here. The main organizers of Euruko 2021.

Thank you all for an awesome Euruko event this year. I just wanted to show my gratitude towards all the participants for creating such a unique vibe this year (even when online). The event felt like a real Euruko one, and the Ruby community truly is the nicest and the most diverse there is.

Ruby and Rails have both been important inspirations on my own path and career working on and building web applications. I've always also enjoyed the playful and artistic side of ruby community.

In recent times, as the CEO of a consultancy committed to Rails, it feels nice to see a lot of new companies started and older ones getting bigger with Rails and Ruby under the hood. Shopify obviously being one of the bigger ones and Smartly and Brella here in Finland are some other notable examples. Any talk of dead language or framework is nowhere to be seen.

I hope to see as many of you live in Helsinki next year, as the world opens, in Euruko 2022!

Cheers rubyists, stay nice!

Antti Salonen
Antti Salonen
CEO of Kisko Labs

29.5.2021 16:30