Experienced JS Web Generalist

Experienced Front-end Developer to hustle with JS and React

We are looking to further strengthen our team with a specialized JavaScript role. You get to work with multiple different web applications which are built with React or plain vanilla JavaScript. As a consultant at Kisko, you get the learnings of versatile projects and building custom and greenfield apps without entering the “body-renting” game that most consultancies operate in. This is to say that we do not send you to work at our customer's office with constant new and weird environments. You can make yourself at home at Kisko.

With your knowhow, you’d be a trusted advisor for not only our clients but also for kiskonians themselves by sharing your knowledge. People are able to come to you when encountering more complex issues to solve in the front-end. You will work alongside five React devs, some of the best Ruby developers and talented designers. Our designers work closely with front-end code, too. At Kisko, even the owners are coders themselves.

You get to experiment with the latest technologies and steer the tech stack choices for the whole company. The role can be pretty much tailored for you, your interests and strengths.

We are an English-speaking company so Finnish is not a requirement.


Frontend: React, GraphQL
Backend: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, REST
Mobile: Android (Java/Kotlin), Apple iOS (Swift), Hybrid (Flutter, Ionic Capacitor)
DevOps: Heroku, AWS Fargate, Docker

We need a senior to not just be able to solve more complex issues in the code but to also influence our way of doing things. To level us up by having and sharing ideas on tech choices, ways of working with JS and our software developing processes.

Why Kisko?

Together with the team, you are able to build Kisko to be one of the most prestigious software companies in Finland. You’d be joining Kisko in excellent times as we are looking to reach the best year of all 15 years of our existence. We have kept ourselves small yet powerful.

Learning and developing will for sure happen at Kisko, as we continuously explore new domains and ways of building software. We are a place for doers, who appreciate agile ways of working, with a strong sense of autonomy and dislike for hierarchies and unnecessary bureaucracy. We are not necessarily the place if you do not enjoy the unknown at all for we live for it, get intrigued by it and find it full of possibilities. We say that the most boring thing is a solved rubik's cube.

To like us, you need to also like to work with a diverse and inclusive group of people as we are a multinational team from many different backgrounds. We try our best to keep the fun in our work, too, as fun is what brought us to the field in the first place. Our idea of fun is not ball pits, but is built more on people’s interest may it be board-games, philosophy, dancing, circus, music, frisbee golf or jiu jitsu -  there’s something for everyone.

You work to live and not the other way around: work-life balance and well-being are crucial factors to us, so no overtime happening at Kisko. We hope Kisko will enhance your overall well being, not diminish it.

Check out our list of benefits here.
You can see some of our references here

Next steps

If you feel we have some common ground and our paths should maybe cross, let us hear from you in Finnish or English at contact@kiskolabs.com.

Our recruitment process is simple: usually two chats and some code samples of your own to show is all we need to make a decision.

Siiri Jurmu
Siiri Jurmu
Recruitment, People & Culture

25.1.2022 13:30