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  • We are not your regular Rails house and we believe that not all Rails workplaces are the same.
  • We use Rails as it is intended to be used — to build new products from scratch with our own team #no-to-bodyrenting.
  • Instead continuing to add to one single product started years ago, you can be part of multiple product stories and iteration.
  • Our new applications are built from scratch with Ruby on Rails 7. Our future apps will be built using the new “hotwire” approach introduced in Rails 7.
  • We are a company built by developers for developers.
  • Kisko == Rails (literally translated)  :ruby:
  • It's like taking the best of both worlds: Consulting with a product house approach.

Longer form

If there is a company in Finland that loves Ruby on Rails - it is us. We are the organizers of Ruby Brigade and have held the largest Ruby conference in Finland, Frozen Rails. We were also the organisers of European Ruby Conference (EuRuKo) 2021. In addition, we held the first Rails Girls workshop in the world. Even our name, Kisko, refers to Rails.

Kisko was founded on the idea that people should feel happy to come to work on Mondays. The company is still run by developers for developers. You’d be joining us in excellent times as we are looking to reach the best year of all 15 years of our existence. Together with the team, you are able to build Kisko to be one of the most prestigious software companies in Finland.

As a consultant at Kisko, you get the learnings of versatile projects and building custom and greenfield apps without entering the “body-renting” game that most consultancies operate in. This is to say that we do not send you to work at our customer's office with constant new and weird environments. You can make yourself at home at Kisko. In addition to excellent product development we want to offer our customers the best software buying experience which is made possible by appreciating our talent and maintaining an excellent employee experience. 

For the most part, we build web, native and hybrid apps as greenfield projects and build tools for professionals in many different areas of business. So, our work at Kisko is not just about coding, but exploring technical possibilities together with the customers. All our talents work in close contact with the customers, helping them navigate the digital world. You can see more of our references here.

'The most boring thing in the world is a solved Rubik's cube.' - Antti Salonen, CEO of Kisko Labs

We are not necessarily the place for you if you do not enjoy the unknown at all, for we live for it, get intrigued by it, and find it full of possibilities. We are a place for doers, who appreciate agile ways of working, with a strong sense of autonomy and dislike for hierarchies and unnecessary bureaucracy. Therefore we believe in a team lead system with no project managers so you get to interact with the clients yourself and get the feedback for your crafts(wo)manship without middle layers. To like us, you need to also like to work with a diverse and inclusive group of people as we are a multinational team from many different backgrounds, English being our working language.


Backend: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, REST
DevOps: Heroku, AWS Fargate, Docker

If you have some experience in Rails and building apps, that’s already a solid foundation for possible co-op and a definite reason to get to know each other. Additionally, experience in implementing backend services with a well-designed REST (or GraphQL) API will be needed to succeed. There is also plenty to work with and ability to have an impact in DevOps if that side at all tickles your fancy. The role and its responsibilities can be together crafted to fit your interests and know-how.

See more info about Kisko as an employer and our benefits here.

next steps

If you feel we have some common ground and our paths should cross, we’d be more than happy to hear from you in Finnish or English at You can send your CV/portfolio/LinkedIn - the style is free. Do not hesitate to reach out in case of any further questions either!

Currently we only hire people to work in Finland — if you are not yet here, let's make it happen!

Siiri Jurmu
Siiri Jurmu
Recruitment, People & Culture

14.1.2022 13:27