At Kisko Labs we believe that the value of an idea is zero. 

Not necessarily all ideas and maybe not a complete zero, but the thing is that we get attached to the idea too much and forget to implement it. For example, if you have a good idea, which will never be implemented or it is implemented poorly, it still has zero value. When again, if you have a terrible idea, but you implement it really, really well, it can become something surprisingly good in the end.

Therefore, we should always focus on implementing the ideas instead of endlessly improving them. Ideas should be free, there is no need to protect them: they will not disappear and no-one will steal them from you if you actually have knowhow how to bring that idea alive.

To show you a real life example, we sent you a Sprout pencil in the Euruko goodie bag. If you never plant the pencil, you will never be able to enjoy the fresh basil growing out of it. But if you implement it, you will in just a few weeks have something tangible on your hands. Just like you do, when you start to implement those ideas of yours. 

Please see the video below to get instructions how to use your Sprout pencil.

Kisko Labs is the most experienced Rails company in Finland. The small, but spicy multinational team of 25 kiskonians has helped customers find the right path in the digitalized world ever since 2007. The company was founded to “make people happy” and kiskonians strive to reach that goal every single day whether it concerns the team or the customers.


Do you see yourself as the next kiskonian?

We are an English speaking remote-first company, so if you communicate fluently in English, it’s indeed enough for our multinational team and our customers. Our office is located in Helsinki and we serve customers mostly on the Finnish market. If you are interested in working with us or have any other questions regarding Kisko Labs, you are more than welcome to reach out to us by sending your open application (in Finnish or English) to Our Chief Happiness Officer Anna is guaranteed to answer you. Maybe you could even link your Github profile? Oh, and a fun fact: our current CEO is also a designer by trade!

For future open positions, connect Anna on LinkedIn.