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JavaScript Developer

Front-end Developer to hustle with JS and React

Modern web applications rely more and more on rich JavaScript front-ends. We are currently expanding our team with a specialized JavaScript role. You would be a dedicated JavaScript developer responsible for multiple different web applications which are built with React, Angular or plain vanilla JavaScript, you name it. In addition to client projects, you will oversee JavaScript decisions with the CTO.

We hope you to elevate us even further with modern JavaScript and work as a trusted advisor for not only our clients but also for kiskonians themselves by helping them to grow as professionals. You will work alongside some of the best Ruby developers and talented designers. Our designers work closely with front-end code too.

As one of the team mates, partner, CTO (if we’d care for titles) and true believer in Stoic values and rap music, Vesa, put it:

“We are looking for versatile software developers hungry to learn and improve themselves, the team, our tools and how we work. A person, who would enjoy working in small teams in close contact with our clients. Someone, who knows modern software development practices. We use GitHub, Travis CI, CodeClimate and other services to accomplish continuous delivery and great products.”

Some of the things we can offer:

  • Great, laid-back team-mates, no dick-heads
  • English speaking environment
  • Easily accessible location in Sörnäinen, Helsinki
  • Lots of freedom and responsibility
  • Possibility for varying kinds of responsibilities and projects
  • We are still small, but growing team
  • Great environment for personal growth
  • Flexible working hours and possibility to work remotely

Great benefits:

  • We have a deal with a CrossFit gym and everyone gets a gym membership
  • Massage every other week
  • Additional health insurance
  • Best tools of your choosing that money can buy
  • We start the week together with bacon and eggs and finish it with wine ad GTs

We have been developing tools for the web for over 10 years and are currently a group of 16. We are a bunch of coders, designers and business developers, who work seamlessly as a unit with one goal in mind - to make people happy. Making people happy has been our mantra since the conception of the company. This means Kisko Labs needs to be a great place to work. Moreover, we want to make our clients and their clients happy with digital solutions. We don’t believe in hierarchies or strong bureaucracy. Instead, we believe in autonomy and making things work and testing the viability of ideas fast.

Like to hear more? Give a ring to Kisko’s Happiness Officer Anna +358505434088 or send your application, in Finnish or English, to

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