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When hustle meets sisu –
Gary Vaynerchuk in Finland

Gary Vaynerchuk is coming to Finland in October to speak at Nordic Business Forum. We are super excited and wanted to do something with all Gary fans in Finland.

our history with Gary

When Kisko was started in 2007 we were introduced to this ‘hyperactive’ guy doing a show about wine (Wine Library TV). The guy’s name was Gary Vaynerchuk and we fell in love with his antics.

Two years later he published his first book, Crush It. The book was about social media, about ‘hustle’, and told Gary’s inspirational story. We were hooked and bought many copies of the book for our clients and partners. Gary even did a video for us as a thank you.

After that we’ve been following his work and saw his talk at LeWeb conference in 2010. So far, Gary has released four books and made a bunch of great videos, one of our favorite being about The Most Important Word (spoiler: It’s ‘hustle’):

Why do we love him so much?

He motivates us to take action. He motivates us to work harder and smarter. ‘Hustle’ is powerful, but if you couple it with sisu (like grit, but better) you’ll be unstoppable.

Hustle + sisu = #finhustle

To honor Gary coming to Finland in October, we want to launch a campaign called #finhustle. Because Finnish ‘hustle’ has special qualities.. this is not Sun Francisco.

How the campaign works:

We will be posting about what #finhustle means for us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under @kiskolabs. Join us simply by posting with the hashtag #finhustle whenever you are working hard, or see someone else around you deserving a shout-out.

In the beginning of October, right after Nordic Business Forum, we will raffle off 10 copies of Gary’s newest best seller, The #AskGaryVee Book, among everyone who has been finhustling and posting about it.

The #AskGaryVee book is a fast paced, information packed mind warp that you should not read unless you’re absolutely serious about business or personal growth AND are committed to taking action. #AskGaryVee is not some theoretical diatribe penned by a non-practitioner repackaging the old and tired methods of the past. It is the rants and off the cuff insights of a practitioner and hustler in the field. It’s the insights, vision, and straight up guidance of someone who’s built several multi-million dollar businesses using the new tools and approaches of the 21st-century. – Forbes

Are you ready? See you at Nordic Business Forum or if you can’t make it: live stream. In the meantime, #finhustle.

Let’s go Finland! Let’s make Gary proud!

For inspiration, you can start by watching our favorites from Gary:

One Is Greater Than Zero

The Straightest Road to Success

Monday Morning Motivational Video

And a couple of funny ones:

I Don’t Have Time Is Not an Excuse

Why Are You Up So Early?

OK, back to work! And Gary… Welcome to Finhustleland!

Update: See the #finhustle video and all related tweets at

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