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Kisko Health Hackathon

We at Kisko Labs love to think about health solutions and decided to hold a two-day hackathon to find out what we could build. We organized into three teams, each with the same goal: building a product that somehow would promote its users’ health. This is a short introduction of what we came up with.

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1. FixMyDiet

Would you like to eat healthier, but don’t really know where to start? Would like to learn about healthier diets but don’t have time to do all the research? FixMyDiet is an easy and fast way to start eating right. Just type in your favorite foods or snacks and we’ll suggest you a healthier alternative. Life and eating should be simple - that’s what FixMyDiet is all about.

Team: Joni Hasanen, Henri Nikka, and Sami Vuori

2. KiskoFit

Will you survive the trip to Mars in your one-man vessel? KiskoFit motivates you to sync your fitness tracker, smart watch, or other device with Garmin in order to play the game and keep moving! Will you be the first to reach Mars?

Team: Matias Korhonen, Antti Salonen, and Virgil Mocanu

3. Movodoro

Some of our team members enjoy using pomodoro but struggle with sitting too long or too much. Movodoro combines effective work intervals with a motivating way to track how much you sit/stand/move during your workday.

Team: Antti Akonniemi, Joni Korpi, and Vesa Vänskä

In the hackathon, each group definitely delivered something different, had their own kind of challenges and ways of working. For the next three weeks we will post a short story every week, where we will present one of these products. Learn how we built them, why and for whom. Stay tuned!

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