Open application

The world is a bit of a weird place currently, but there’s a warm fire at Kisko, burning strong even remotely. Come sit by the campfire with us.

No current openings or one to match the value you could bring to our team? You are more than welcome to reach out to us by sending your open application (in Finnish or English) to for possible future collaboration and to connect with us. Maybe our paths are not due to cross just now, but  things might change rapidly especially as we are growing steadily. Anna, our Chief Happiness Officer is guaranteed to answer you. Hint: Maybe you could even link your Github profile?

Currently our team is Helsinki based and we serve customers mostly on the Finnish market. We are an English speaking company, so if you communicate fluently in English, it’s indeed enough for our multinational team and our customers.

In recent years most of our hires have been back-end developers (Ruby on Rails) but we have also hired a couple of React focused front-end devs as well as additions to our native team (Android + iOS). Although in our projects the need tends to lean towards coding after the start of a “greenfield” project, we occasionally have openings for designers, too. In our business it helps, if a designer is technically oriented so that they can implement their designs quite far in the front-end, but we also have some designers in our team with more research or brand focused expertise. Did you know that our current CEO is a designer by trade?


Frontend: React, GraphQL, Redux
Backend: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, REST
Mobile: Android (Java/Kotlin), Apple iOS (Swift), Hybrid (Flutter, Ionic Capacitor)
DevOps: Heroku, AWS Fargate, Docker

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Anna Martinsen
Anna Martinsen
Chief Happiness Officer at Kisko Labs

22.2.2021 11:13