This is Kisko Labs


Join the most experienced Ruby devs in Finland

We’re looking for new skills for our team in order to advance as one of Finland’s most prestigious software companies. Would you like to be part of a team with a similar flair and are you ready to bring your own twist to it?

Kisko Labs has its own strong identity which includes openness and equality. A place where it’s easy to come and where your skills are really appreciated. We encourage you to try new things and explore new possibilities. You get to share your successes and challenges with a supportive group of people.

We work with both large corporations and startups that are just getting off the ground which guarantees diverse tasks and projects. We are seeking enforcements to our multicultural team on both the development and design fronts.

Community. At Kisko Labs you get to be influential as part of a community. On Mondays we gather to have breakfast together to kickstart the week, we occasionally watch movies together, and form clubs around our shared interests. We’ve also tried hiking, wakeboarding, and all sorts of whims of team members. We like to laugh at ourselves and sometimes at each other.

Growth. It’s important to us that every Kiskonian feels that they’re growing as people and advancing as professionals while they work at Kisko Labs. We learn from each other, support participation in trainings and events and also track the progress of your personal goals.

Freedom. A Kiskonian is free to choose the tools and methods that they feel are best. As long as the work gets done, you’re free to organise your life as you see fit. We work in order to live and not the other way around. We trust you and support you in your work related decisions.

Wellness. We believe that a mentally and physically healthy person performs better at work. We’ve sometimes even been called health freaks. Our employees are covered by a broad health insurance policy and are offered free CrossFit memberships, nevermind the ergonomic desks and chairs. And to prevent the workload from bending your back, a masseuse or masseur visits the office every two weeks.