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Come to work together with our experienced developers and designers

Kisko Labs has its own strong identity that includes openness, proactivity, equality and continuous learning. We are not just another consulting company. Even though we work very closely with the client and take responsibility, we do not send our talents to work at client premises. We want to ensure the best possible software buying experience for our clients which is why cooperation with the clients is at the center of what we do. You get the variability and flexibility of consulting and a multi-project environment while spending your time in the workplace of your choice.

We believe that work is an adult's play, which creates opportunities to constantly create new things and explore possibilities. We encourage bold experimentation and testing of ideas, without fear of mistakes. You get to share the successes experienced in your work and also share the occasional pain of software development with good people. There is no hierarchy and only the required amount of bureaucracy. Our teams even manage client projects independently together, so for example, feedback from the client's direction reaches our craftsmen and -women without intermediaries.

We work with both large companies and start-ups which guarantees varied and versatile projects and tasks. The versatility and continuous development of the work is the biggest reason in addition to the people why many have stayed and enjoyed being at Kisko for a long time.

Employee benefits



We want to offer the best possible care in case of illness, which is why we offer all our employees comprehensive health insurance. This is our most appreciated employee benefit. In addition to statutory occupational accident and occupational disease insurance, as well as employee’s group life insurance, we also extensively insure you against accidents during your free time. If you wish, you can also utilise the low-threshold support we offer for mental wellbeing.



In addition to our regularly organised training and events related to knowledge sharing, you have at your disposal an unlimited training budget according to your conscience. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in conferences and other professional events. We also encourage the development of thinking by reading, and our office has a fairly good library of literature related to the field. You are free to use 10% of your working time, i.e. half a working day a week, for professional development.



Working regardless of location and time has been commonplace for us for a long time. Flexible working hours offer flexibility for combining work and life. However, a large number of our employees want to work regularly at our office as well. So if you want, you’ll almost always have company at the office.



We offer you the best work tools of your choice and, if you wish, also noise-cancelling headphones and a telephone device. Proper ergonomics at the office are ensured with quality electronic desks and Herman Miller Mirra 2 chairs.



A flexible benefit balance for you to use for sports, wellbeing, culture and commuting. If you wish, you can also use this benefit for dental care.



Kiskonians have the possibility to attend CrossFit On Ramp course and get a monthly membership to the specific CrossFit gyms. The founder of Kisko has brought CrossFit to Finland years ago and is also a CrossFit gym entrepreneur. According to his own words he has also written a surprisingly bad book on the topic.



We believe in the power of team rewards, so for now every year we distribute part of the company's profit equally among all our employees.



Kisko is a family-friendly company. Everyone on Kisko steering group and board has children and providing the same conditions for both parents is something we want to support and endorse. We offer equal paid parental leaves for both parents.



In addition to humour, shared fun is the cornerstone of a healthy work community. As a counterbalance to remote and hybrid work, we regularly organise informal events such as breakfast, afterwork, board game evenings, a book club, alumni meetings and annual summer and winter parties. You might even find yourself at a campfire in the forest with our CEO, if you’re interested in that kind of activity. If you wish, you can organise other joint activities at Kisko's expense!



We distribute part of the company's profits to charity on a yearly basis. Kiskonians decide together which charity target we give the donation to.



To make your work run as smoothly as possible, we offer an excellent selection of coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks at the office.

Community. At Kisko Labs you get to have an influence as an equal member of the community. We would be nothing without each other. At Kisko we have a team of around 30 people, consisting of several different nationalities. English is our working language and there are as many English accents as there are speakers. Kiskonians consist of many different backgrounds, we have readers, hikers, thinkers, doers, gamers, climbers and dancers to name a few. We value everyone's presence, perspectives and contribution. Everyone brings their own unique addition to our team, which benefits everyone. We spend time together, we know how to laugh at ourselves and sometimes also at each other.


Continuous learning. There is always something to learn in our field. For us, it is important that every Kiskonian can grow as a person and as a professional while working at Kisko. We learn from each other and overcome challenges together. Growth mindset offers the glue that a new and better way of doing and thinking can stick to. If you have that, Kisko has plenty to offer.


Freedom & responsibility. As a Kiskonian you are free to choose tools and methods you deem best. As long as the work itself gets done and the teamwork is rolling, you are free to organise your life as you wish. We work to live and not the other way around. We trust you and support you in decisions related to your own work. With freedom also comes responsibility. We all take ownership of our common goals and bear responsibility for ensuring that our self-directed teams and also the clients succeed in their projects. It's caring.


Wellbeing. People are the heart of Kisko. We want the different areas of your life to remain balanced. After all, life is much more than work. Our view is that the work environment should increase employee wellbeing, not diminish it. We want to keep the workload moderate and our way of working is mostly quite stress-free. That doesn't mean we wouldn't work hard. As a well established and stable company, we are able to offer a safe work environment where growth is not pursued at the expense of values. We believe that a mentally and physically healthy person also performs better at work. Therefore a significant part of our employment benefits also focuses on comprehensively supporting your wellbeing.



Our recruitment process is simple and fast

  1. Apply. 
    Get to know Kisko and our ways of working. For you to help in this are e.g. our website, blog posts, and ‘This is Kisko’ video. Through those, you can consider whether Kisko would be a suitable workplace for you, where you would hopefully enjoy working in for a long time and be able to realise your professional dreams. Contact us if Kisko seems like the right match for you! We always reply to every applicant.
  2. Meet us. 
    We usually organise 2-3 recruitment meetings, in which you get to meet your future colleagues and hear more about Kisko's projects and ways of working. The purpose of the meetings is to get to know each other more while making sure that we would be a good match with you. One of the meetings will focus more on your technical skills and code (if relevant to the role) and we'll go over a small task we might give (UX/UI designers) and preferably some of your work samples.
  3. Decision. 
    Our recruitment process is transparent, so we will keep you informed throughout the process. At the end of the meetings, we will tell you about the decision-making schedule. We always try to make decisions as agile as possible among the recruiting team, and our Happiness Officer will communicate this to you as quickly as possible.
  4. Welcome to Kisko! 
    When a good match has been found, we will go through the contract and other employment related information together with you. Before the start, you will receive information about what your first days and weeks at Kisko will look like. We will onboard you to our ways of working from the very beginning. You will have your own development team (and all the other Kiskonians) supporting and guiding you, so you can start with us with a relaxed mind!

Participating in recruitment

In addition to Siiri, there are always also other Kiskonians participating in recruitment.

Siiri Jurmu

People Operations


Interaction, know-how, responsiveness to issues and flexibility. Overall Kisko has been one of the best software partner's we've had.

- Kisko client

I founded Kisko Labs in 2007 to create a workplace where I and others would really enjoy working at. Despite our growth, this is still true today and employees are at the center of what we do.

- Kisko founder, Antti Akonniemi

Best things are the team mates and an open atmosphere as well as possibilities to influence your work and company. We discuss openly about ways of working and how to improve them.

- Kisko employee, happiness survey 2021

At the end of the day, Kisko is all the friends that we made.

- Kisko Alumn, 10 years as a developer