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Kisko Labs has its own strong identity which includes openness and equality. Founded 2007 with the purpose to "make people happy", Kisko is to this day what it was back then: A place where it’s easy to come, where your skills are really appreciated and you are accepted as you are. You get to share your successes and challenges with a supportive group of people.  You have a say in everything we do, from tech stacks to project working methods, processes, you name it - we try it. Each individual gives and has given their unique mark to what we are today and what we'll become in the future.


We work with both large corporations and startups that are just getting off the ground which guarantees diverse tasks and projects. We do a lot of greenfield projects but also have many long-lasting partnerships with customers. If we have any legacy, it's mainly our own making. We encourage you to try new things and explore new possibilities. Exploring the unknown requires courage and accepting the possibility, that one might also fail. Failing equals learning and enables growth.

We are often seeking reinforcements to our multicultural team on both the development and design fronts.

Employee benefits



Don't worry, we've got you covered! OP's Ekstra Health Insurance is our most appreciated benefit. It ensures you get the best health care provided by any private clinic of your choosing from specialist doctors to tests and even small surgeries. At Kisko you are covered also in case of accidents not only during your working time but also during free time. 



You get a piece of the pie. We share a minimum of 10 % of annual company profits with our team (minus payroll side costs and taxes).



Finland is one of the top coffee consumers in Finland and Kisko is doing its part. Coffee is almost a sacred thing for many of us. Delicious, taste bud nurturing cups of Joe keep our engines running. We do not call it java though ;) During the pandemic 1 kg bags of  Good Life - small roastery coffee have been delivered home.  "Avoid Bad Life", as GLC's slogan goes. A proper coffee enthusiast will be glad to find even chemex and French press at our office to make the best mocca.


Kiskonias have the possibility to attend CrossFit Basecamp (worth 250 euros) and get a monthly membership (worth 105€/month) to the following CrossFit gyms: EspooKonala ja Herttoniemi. Did you know that the founder of Kisko is also a crossfit gym entrepreneur and according to his own words has written a suprisingly bad book on the topic? Occasionally we do try-outs of different sports, too such as padel, squash, boldering, dancing, yoga and kayaking.



Movement is often the medicine to many issues in the body. Nevertheless, sometimes a good massage is on place to ease the tensions and set our shoulders to their correct place. At Kisko you are able to go to a masseuse once a month.



Having fun together is the core of a prosperous, tight-knight community. Along with daily doses of humour we organise multiple get togethers and events through-out the year. Summer & Winter party, Alumni Evenings, sauna evenings. Pre-corona we started the week together with breakfast at the office and finished it with a small and sometimes very late after-work. We have travelled together to Stockholm and Barcelona. Last summer we spent the night together in a villa in Kotka and enjoyed the nightless night of Finnish summer together. Some kiskonians also enjoy going to the woods and hike together. We have also organised many conferences: Rails Girls was started by Kisko, Frozen Rails and now European Ruby Conference.



Oh we can't wait to get back to the office and have a proper skål together. Wether your choice of drink is G&T, wine, beer, cider or non-alco, we love to gather together to sum up the week. Maybe even play some board games while doing it.



We are heavy believers in continuous learning. We encourage everyone to widen their thinking also by reading. There's good stuff in books to be found! If reading is your thing the library at our office is quite good and we also have a Book Club that gathers together to exchange thoughts once a week on a book they have chosen.  Kisko's Vesa read "only" 43 books in a busy year. Usually the total is somewhere around 80. 


Interaction, know-how, responsiveness to issues and flexibility. Overall Kisko has been one of the best software partner's we've had.

- Kisko client

I founded Kisko Labs in 2007 to create a workplace where I and others would really enjoy working at. Despite our growth, this is still true today and employees are at the center of what we do.

- Kisko founder, Antti Akonniemi

Best things are the team mates and an open atmosphere as well as possibilities to influence your work and company. We discuss openly about ways of working and how to improve them.

- Kisko employee, happiness survey 2021

At the end of the day, Kisko is all the friends that we made.

- Kisko Alumn, 10 years as a developer

Community. At Kisko Labs you get to be influential as part of a community. On Mondays we gather to have breakfast together to kickstart the week, we occasionally watch movies together, and form clubs around our shared interests. We’ve also tried hiking, wakeboarding, and all sorts of whims of team members. We like to laugh at ourselves and sometimes at each other.


Growth. It’s important to us that every Kiskonian feels that they’re growing as people and advancing as professionals while they work at Kisko Labs. We learn from each other, support participation in trainings and events and also track the progress of your personal goals.


Freedom. A Kiskonian is free to choose the tools and methods that they feel are best. As long as the work gets done, you’re free to organise your life as you see fit. We work in order to live and not the other way around. We trust you and support you in your work related decisions.


Wellness. We believe that a mentally and physically healthy person performs better at work. We’ve sometimes even been called health freaks. Our employees are covered by a broad health insurance policy and are offered free CrossFit memberships, nevermind the ergonomic desks and chairs. And to prevent the workload from bending your back, we provide a monthly visit to a massage.