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Originally posted 25th of February 2015.
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For me, after four years of working at Kisko, the people I see and interact with for the most part of the day are equally as important as enjoying what I’m doing – sometimes more. It’s not random at all that the motto of the company is “We make people happy”, and by people, we’re not only referring to our clients. From the start, 2007, the founders understood that you can’t make clients happy unless the crew is taken good care of. For most readers, this will sound obvious, but it’s not always the case that employees’ happiness is the first item on the agenda.

I remember the first days at work - right off the school bench, inexperienced, shy and scared. If it weren’t for the company’s culture and the people I now call friends, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post.


The people, enough said! Couple of years ago, while Kisko was going through a re-organization and re-discovery period, even though those times could have easily altered the company’s culture, nothing has really changed. This, for me, is very important, because that’s what I liked about Kisko from day one.

And now, back to why Kisko is awesome. Well, during these transition times everyone in the company was involved and given the chance to speak and contribute to the new company image. This is what separates Kisko from other companies. Kisko is more like a family rather than clearly separated management and “everyone-else” groups. Kisko is the kind of company that encourages self-development, making it a good career incubator and learning environment. The transparency, honesty, and open atmosphere are Kisko’s key strengths.


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We’ve recently moved camp to a slightly larger, higher office. This is a good time to emphasise the awesomeness of the company. The decision of changing office sparked from a few employees that weren’t very happy with the conditions at the old HQ. Power to the people!

So, the new office. It’s amazing, even though couple of weeks in, the renovations are not complete. The new office is large enough to accommodate a CEO designated room. Even though our dear Antti Akonniemi has expressed the desire of such perk, he still finds himself working among everyone else, therefore choosing not to draw a line between management and the rest. This might not be the only reason why he chose to stick to the trenches. I think working in the presence of the amazing Kisko people might have had influenced his decision.


A very big part of the Kisko culture is staying healthy. Six out of the ten of us are actively doing CrossFit. Free training and regular massages at the office are just a couple of the benefits everyone at Kisko can enjoy. The kind of work we are doing at Kisko has us strapped to a chair for the most time spent in the office, making exercise a very important part of our lives. For that reason, our new office has a designated area for exercising equipped with an indoor rower, pull-up bar, gymnastics rings, parallettes and stretching equipment.

The new office also comes with a standing desks room for up to 8 people and 9 flight of stairs, which some of us are climbing up and down the office every day.

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I left this part last on purpose because I want this section to be the last thing you read before you go. Everything I’ve said so far is true, but what follows is what we hold dear: our clients. Kisko’s success is not due to our attitude, means of work, expertise and outgoingness alone, it’s thanks to the great people we are doing business with. Our aim is to facilitate a trustworthy, proactive, fast and fun customer experience, and so far I think we’ve achieved this, but we’re constantly working on improving the customer satisfaction.

Virgil Mocanu
Virgil Mocanu
Senior Developer at Kisko Labs

12.3.2019 16:14