Interaction and Service Design

We begin our projects by designing and producing UI prototypes of our clients’ service. This helps us dig into the real needs of the end users and our UI and UX designers to solve the most critical problems in business development.

With our UI-first process, we succeed in validating the needs of our customer’s business and thus prioritizing the resources for the correct development areas.

UI and Digital Service Design

The User Interface is you being in touch with your customer.

We design services to support the goals of the end users and give our clients the best tools to run their digital business.

All our software projects include the research to find the users’ goals and user-interface design. Our team of designers is ready to work with you also in cases where you want to improve your services’ look or usability, but you already have your own development team.


OP Metsä

OP Metsä is a service designed for Finland’s 700 000 forest owners. It keeps its user up-to-date of her forest’s value and possibilities.

We built the service together with Bitcomp. During its pilot phase the service reached its target group and thousands of forest owners transfered their forest data to OP Metsä. It now hosts data for over 100 000 hectares and 350 million euros worth of forest.

OP Metsä was awarded as the best web service for consumers in the Grand One 2017 competition and an honorary award in Fast Company's Innovation by Design competition's Graphic Design and Data Visualization category.




Clarify your ideas before implementation

Behind every successful software project is a prototype stage. The prototyping process gives you the opportunity to test, discover new ideas, and test the functionality of your service on users’ own devices before developing back end systems.

It is a lightweight and cost-effective way to find out where to prioritize the development resources. The results of the prototyping serve as the specification document for your service’s first version, as well as its first UI, which accelerates the development of your service significantly.

Read more about our prototyping process

The Visual Identity for Your Service

When you want your company’s brand to be transformable in the digital environment

We create digital visual identity guidelines for companies of all sizes. Our guidelines take today’s digital environment and its different media formats into account.

Our visual identity projects vary in scope depending on our clients’ needs. Contact us for more information on our different service packages.



Puhti offers health check-ups to improve your wellbeing. The service streamlines the process of ordering laboratory tests and presents the results to the customer in an easy to undestand way.

We helped Puhti create its brand and built a web application to view your test results.