Software Development

We have been building web services for our clients since 2007. We build applications to work on all devices, both in browser and mobile. Our way of working is defined by a prototype-first approach to problem solving and agile methods.

In all projects, the right path is found with agile, small and fast, steps. Our agile project methods are supported by carefully selected tools that allow us to be at your disposal wherever you are, whenever you need us.

We have built web services with Ruby on Rails since we were founded, and we are the most experienced software vendor in developing with Rails technology. We also work with other technologies such as React, Svelte, and Angular. We also develop mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.


What is the easiest and quickest way to get to the first version?

Our Lähtölaukaus concept is a perfect fit for prototypes. We take your idea and build a live product out of it in 5 weeks. We work with you to focus your idea, design it, build it and get it up and running as quickly as possible.


Onko mielessäsi selkeä tavoite, sisältö ja lopputulos, jonka haluat saavuttaa?

Mittatilaus on täysin sinun tarpeisiisi räätälöity tie valmiiseen sovellukseen prototyyppilähtöisesti. Prototyyppi auttaa meitä löytämään, priorisoimaan ja testaamaan juuri ne ominaisuudet, joilla saavutat tavoitteesi kohderyhmässäsi. Taataksemme onnistumisen asetamme tavoitteille selkeät mittarit heti projektin alussa.

Mittatilaus sisältää kaiken: back end -toteutuksen, käyttöliittymäsuunnittelun ja ketterän projektihallinnan. Toteuttamamme ylläpito takaa jatkuvuuden tuotteellesi.

Esimerkiksi OP Metsä toteutettiin Mittatilauksena.




Puhti offers health check-ups to improve your wellbeing. The service streamlines the process of ordering laboratory tests and presents the results to the customer in an easy to undestand way.

We helped Puhti create its brand and built a web application to view your test results.

Mobile applications & Devices

Discovering the best channels for you service.

We build native applications for different devices (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apple TV, smartwatch platforms, and IoT devices). Our methods are extremely cost-effective.


Aalto Space

Aalto University Campus and Real Estate operates in the heart of Aalto University, offering different kind of space and facility services in Otaniemi and Töölö. They aim to be a pioneer in developing space utilization models for the growing number of people together with the university, and decided to make finding and booking space as easy as cycling.

Aalto Space mobile app helps students find and book available study and meeting locations. The service was designed and is continuously being developed by us together with the users of the campus space and with the entire Aalto community.

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