Modern digital business
is developed step by step

We help you implement your ideas and develop your business from the beginning to the end of your service’s life cycle.

All of our projects start with a prototype. They are the perfect way to ensure that your idea works. With prototypes you can fail early and inexpensively, and learn to understand the technical problems you’re trying to solve. They enable you to test and refine your design, and allow you to describe your idea more effectively.

Business Development

Icon concepting

Our customers represent a variety of industries. The lessons we’ve learned from them enable us to find new, successful models for your business as well. There are a lot of tools and processes in the startup world that we can use to develop your business forward.

If you are looking for new ways to improve your business’ processes, read more about our Löytöretki and Hackathon services.



Interaction and Service Design

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We design user experiences with usability as the priority.

We begin our projects by designing and producing UI prototypes of our clients’ service. This helps us dig into the real needs of the end users and our UI and UX designers to solve the most critical problems in business development.

UI and Digital Service Design


The Visual Identity for Your Service

Software Development

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We build applications to work on all devices, both in browser and mobile. Our way of working is defined by a prototype-first approach to problem solving and agile methods.



Mobiilisovellukset & Devices


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When your service is ready for launch, we ensure its worldwide reachability, monitor its error status, and monitor its server and browser performance. Kisko Upkeep services guarantee that your applications are always running and you can sleep in peace.

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