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Remote meetings:
The good, the bad and improvements

What is true remote?

Going towards 2017 a lot of companies are thinking about improving remote working habits. We’ve been thinking about what makes a company truly-remote. We’ll share about the subject more later, but now just wanted to share the results of a little experiment we ran.

Whole company in one remote call

We decided to have an all-hands remote call to talk about remote meetings. Here are the pros, cons and improvements we came up with:


  • No need to travel
  • You can save time
  • Might be easier to think during the meeting
  • Not as exhausting
  • Easier to stay on schedule, since you are ending at the right time
  • You can record the whole meeting


  • Difficult the get a turn to speak
  • You can easily get discracted, and you can easily work on other tasks
  • Could be a good thing: You can mute a person
  • People talk at the same time easily, since there is a small delay
  • Affects the dynamic of the conversation
  • Also can’t read body language as well as in person
  • Technical difficulties are likely to come up. Customers might be missing a plugin or they’re not savvy enough to overcome installation.
  • You can leave and noone will notice. This can also be considered a good thing.
  • Drawing is hard online


Your turn

Where do you see remote work going, and what happens beyond just video calls?

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